• Embedded Devices PCB

    Small mobile devices feature an increasing number of passive components that require a higher-density installation. Unfortunately the surface mounting area of conventional surface-mount technology (two-dimensional implementation) is unable to support these components. That is why the three-dimensional implementation using embedded PCB technology was proposed.
    we independently developed a connection process using laser via and plating in addition to a bonding process using solder materials, and has a track record of mass production with both processes.


    • Reduction of the surface mount area by embedding chip components (resistance/condenser)
    • Improvement of electrical properties by shorter wiring distance between surface-installed ICs and embedded components
    • Shorter pitches between components and better heat resistance 
      enabled by connection between component terminals using laser via and copper plating

    Cross section

    Plating connection soldered joint (6-layer mass produced products)

    Development roadmap