• Experienced pre-trial engineers in the processing of production will be based on the use of your PCB board, the function to help you choose the material to optimize the design and put forward rationalization proposals, to the greatest extent to help you improve product performance and cost savings.

    If you have any questions about impedance design, stack design, wiring design, etc., you can contact our engineers at any time, our engineering staff will be combined with the actual production needs and according to your specific requirements, give the best solution or Suggest


    If I need to produce PCB, what documents do I need?


    A: In order to save time and avoid mistakes, we recommend that you provide documentation and instructions as follows:
    It is best to provide Gerber RX-274-X format or Protel PCB file. If only gerber file suggested that you provide aperture table, hole bitmap, shape files, etc.

    In order to provide accurate quotes or the correct system board, we recommend that you provide the following information:
    (1) board instructions include thickness, indicating processing, resistance welding character color
    (2) multilayer stacking sequence.
    (3) Impedance control detailed requirements, such as line width / spacing, impedance line distribution layer, impedance value (if impedance control).
    (4) to provide design engineers contact for timely and rapid communication.


    What are the main factors that affect PCB prices?


    Many factors that affect PCB prices - for example, size, delivery cycle, quantity, number of layers, sheet metal, drilling and laminating times, tolerance requirements, etc.

    How to reduce the price of PCB?

    A: In the same quality I believe that our price is very competitive, the PCB processing price is mainly high its production difficulty and the use of materials.Then you can modify the design to reduce the price, of course, for example:
    (1) line width and spacing may be designed to be large.
    (2) the best hole diameter> 0.3mm.
    (3) try not to design buried blind hole.


    How to ensure the quality of PCB board?



    (1) in China Xinxun every piece of PCB board are in the QS2000 series of quality control system and the ISO9001 quality management system under the production.
    (2) The production process of each board is under IPC-A-600-G international standard processing, control and testing.
    (3) all boards will be done 100% of the electronic test before delivery, if the test is not through our free re-help customers to make.


    What is the environmental policy?


    We believe that we are more concerned about the environment than others. All of our plants have passed the ISO14001 environmental quality system, unlike many other small PCB factories. We can use lead-free ROHS materials to produce environmentally friendly PCB products