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    Using the Valor Genesis 2000 CAM system, CAM operations can be based on different layers and the specifications of the material,
    Made a number of standard modules, automated analysis, editing data processing, reduce manual errors and increase operational efficiency.
    D-code and Gerber automatic input, to avoid the risk of manual input errors.
    The original Net list compares with the workbook Net list to avoid human error caused by the CAM design.
    On line DRC (design rule check) design of the whole, to avoid the function signal is changed, line width, spacing signal, not due to editing and change.
    Can be analyzed Check PCB Gerber such as:
    (1) PWR GND OFF, short circuit
    (2) whether the drilling is missing
    (3) whether the pad is missing
    (4) whether the loss of welding
    (5) whether the pad is out of the solder mask
    (6) whether the text or solder bumps to the pad
    Process error, computer automatic compensation.
    Characteristic impedance, multi-layer stack, automatic calculation and analysis.
    CAM workflow process, not because of different engineers and the quality of the differences. Data is transferred to the surrounding process network equipment, such as laser plotter, molding machine, drilling machine, computer network test equipment and automatic matching optical machine, are carried out under the computer numerical control. Just transfer your Gerber file and we'll do the CAM check for you immediately.

    Fast service
    1. Single-sided or double-sided model generally 4-5 days production cycle, expedited 24 hours can be shipped
    2. 4-8 layer model generally 6-7 days production cycle, expedited 3 days can be delivered
    3. Greater than 8-layer model or small batch 1000PCS as usual 10-15 days

    Provide quotes and questions in 1.3 hours or less
    2. Professional engineers pre-processing service, to provide design optimization services
    3. Fast door-to-door

    We will be based on your needs to develop to meet your needs delivery


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